Supporting the development of a Class 'A' gallery in Albany

Regional Gallery

NewArts Inc. is a small committee of artists and supporters of the arts working hard to promote contemporary art in the Great Southern regional city of Albany. However, its longer term goal is to have a Class A regional art gallery built in central Albany. With a sophisticated gallery space added to the town’s other cultural asset, its Entertainment Centre; NewArts believes Albany would become the regional art capital of Western Australia!

A major art gallery would serve as a cultural centre for the housing and showcasing of art from across the disciplines. It would also allow for the presentation of major touring exhibitions and the staging of significant nationwide visual art events.

Have Your Say

In developing a proposal for a Class A regional gallery, proper consideration and consultation should be made. We invite all members of the community to have their say. Some questions for consideration are:

  • What is the purpose of the gallery?
  • Who would the gallery be for?
  • Where in the town would you like to see the gallery located?
  • What programs or activities are to be conducted in the gallery?
  • How would the gallery differ from other arts venues in Albany?
  • How would it be similar?
  • How many staff would be required for the gallery? How many in years to come?
  • Is there a collection that the gallery must house?
  • Is a collection likely to be involved in the future?
  • What is the nature of the collection?
  • Is it likely to change?
  • What services would the gallery offer?
  • Have the criteria for different types of exhibitions been established?

    (E.g. travelling shows)

  • How would the gallery be funded and sustained?
  • How would the gallery be managed?
  • How regularly will the goals of the gallery be reviewed?