Get Involved

Get Involved

A  Request for Support

NewArts is looking for people to become involved:

  • As a committee member
  • As an artist
  • As a sponsor
  • As a volunteer


The NewArts Committee
If you have the time and a real interest in contemporary art, then committee membership may be for you. In order to plan and organise an arts event, the NewArts committee meets monthly. An organisational timeline is drawn up and guides the group in the deadlines for tasks that must be completed in order to mount the event. Tasks are delegated amongst committee members so that the intellectual property is shared and the workload is not onerous.

NewArts is always looking for artists from the local community and further abroad to contribute their works to the contemporary art activities that we organise. If you are an artist who appreciates NewArts’ public art presentations and feels your art practice would benefit from exposure in an innovative setting, please contact us. NewArts endeavours to provide finance for insurance and transport for participating artists.

Just as a community art event needs artists, it also needs the support of sponsors who are willing to contribute financially, or with in-kind assistance. Sponsor money is specifically used to assist contributing artists with the expenses related to creating their pieces, including the cost of freight and insurance. These artists donate their time in the creation of their work. Any amount of money is welcome from sponsors. Also happily received are offers of in-kind support such as the loaning of equipment or expertise useful to the mounting of a major public event.

Volunteers are vital to the successful presentation of a large scale community art event. For each presentation, a team of volunteers must be recruited by NewArts committee members to assist in a range of ways. Contributing their time towards the supervision of an exhibition can be rewarding for a volunteer as they interact with the public whilst having the opportunity to really examine the artworks. Volunteers are asked to count the numbers of visitors to an exhibition, hand out People’s Choice voting slips and generally ensure the smooth flow of the event. Volunteers are insured by NewArts Inc.