Sculpture in the Harbour 2014
Photo courtesy of Barbara Madden © 2014

Sculpture in the Harbour 2017 is happening over Easter 2017

The event runs from 13th April to the 16th April, and all are welcome to come down to Princess Royal Harbour, Albany to look at some great Art.

We are also running a Photography Competition, with prizes in categories for all ages.


In recent years, NewArts Inc. has become identified with Sculpture in the Harbour; such has been the positive reception to the two recent exhibitions. The committee presented a very successful inaugural Sculpture in the Harbour event in 2013. Approximately 5,000 visitors viewed the 12 large scale sculptures that were mounted in the waters adjacent to the Albany Entertainment Centre.

2014's follow up exhibition was planned to coincide with Albany’s extremely successful WW1 ANZAC Commemoration. A theme of 'Reflections' was prescribed so that in the design and construction of their works, the fifteen artists reflected on aspects of the First World War. Such were the number of visitors that the volunteers charged with counting them, struggled to record them. A number of 10,000 was settled upon.

Through Sculpture in the Harbour, local three dimensional artists have been given the opportunity to showcase their work in the unique public setting of the Princess Royal Harbour, in front of the new Albany Entertainment Centre. This setting links the event to both the local built and natural environments.

Sculpture in the Harbour exhibitions have also delivered a level of personal and professional recognition for the artists who have the opportunity to present a viewpoint through their work. This in turn stimulates commentary from the viewing public. In 2014, the People’s Choice Award asked viewers to vote for their favourite sculptural piece. An extremely popular innovation; most visitors jumped at the opportunity to voice their opinion about the works.

Along with PaperArtzi, Sculpture in the Harbour has brought enriching arts experiences to Albany and its region. It has also celebrated this three dimensional art form and its ability to present an artistic point of view to the public, and hopefully has added to the numbers amongst the public who appreciate and engage with contemporary art – a future audience for a Class A gallery in Albany.

Meanwhile, NewArts Inc. has begun the process of planning Sculpture in the Harbour, 2016. Along with many of the recent participating artists who have already committed to this next showcase, we are hoping to attract a number of new sculptors to this unique forum.

As we approach Easter 2016, we'll be vigorously applying for sponsors to contribute towards the cost of mounting the next Sculpture in the Harbour, and looking for local donors to assist financially with some of the artists' expenses. In due course, we'll be searching for those fabulous volunteers who are so vital to the presentation of a significant community event.

Find out more if you are a potential artist, donor, volunteer or NewArts committee member.