New Arts Sonsorship


As the community arts events brought to Albany by NewArts Inc. are designed and organised by a group of unpaid volunteers, these programs can only be realised by accessing a range of external funding sources. The reach of the programs are also affected by the amount of funds raised. Their success is also dependent on much good will. For example, the sculptors for the harbour exhibitions show their work with only the minimum of recompense towards the cost of materials and transport. This does, however, reflect their support for the objectives of the program.

NewArts Inc. is a non-profit organisation and the sourcing of funds is a critical part of the committee’s work. For each event complex application writing is required to access grants from local, state and federal funding bodies. NewArts has been very grateful for the financial support they have garnered from such bodies. In 2014, Sculpture in the Harbour received generous grants from the City of Albany, The Albany Port Authority, Lottery West and Tourism WA. Each organisation provided money for a range of specific expenses such as the hire of night security, administration and the Education Program.

Local sponsorship in the form of monetary donations is also very important and is obtained through committee members lobbying businesses and organisations. This source of income is used to make a contribution towards each sculptor’s costs. Participating artists outlay a large amount of personal funds to create their pieces and NewArts chooses to provide a contribution, sourced from our donors, towards the cost of freight and insurance.

We have estimated that our volunteers provided over $12,000 of in-kind help during the 2014 event. This took the form of the donation of professional services, the use of equipment and facilities and just plain physical help. In 2014 we had a team of volunteers who helped install the works in the harbour and 120 volunteers looked after the exhibition during the ten days of the showing.

These additional contributions have been critical to the mounting of a sufficiently comprehensive, professional event which meets all local and state government regulations.

A Special Thank You

NewArts Inc. would like to say a special thank you to photographer Barbara Madden, who has volunteered her time to capture the Sculpture in the Harbour events. Many of the wonderful photographs she has taken are viewable throughout this website.